Database creation and updating data in realtime using API's for wearable devices

 Databases / Posted 06.12.2023 23:00 by Lucas Groot / United Kingdom United Kingdom

190 EUR / order

Need to create a database that connects to various wearables using the Terra API.

All we are looking for is to use Terra API and connect it to database that also needs to be created on MySQL. The database needs to be updated in realtime by the API’s. The database would be plugged ino Tableau where we will create visualizations and this something you don’t need to worry about.


– An understanding of database systems such as SQL and NoSQL database models.
– Communication and interpersonal skills are critical for a DevOps engineer since they have to ensure that the entire team behind a software works effectively and share and appreciate feedback to support continuous delivery.

Please give a quote for the full project and not hourly.

Thank you.

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